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June 2008

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summer rain

...and having been tortured by the hot summer sun for a month, it was refreshing :)
On my way to class I was EMO-ing while listening to this song..it's by Carrchy, a new treasure I found while digging for indie music.
I don't listen to much mainstream or ballads (I only have one exception for pop music though..just because I love them)..i like weird sounds, drum beats, guitar and piano mixed with house...music you can dance to :)
And on days when you want to chill out, you have songs like this one :)
Onto other things...
Can they stop playing charades in China? I don't understand why they can't come up with more interesting games to play..and please stop making the boys feel awkward, it's bad enough that they can't understand what everyone's saying, but stop making them dance on like every single segment of each show. (Kyu exclaiming "NO" with his arms crossed, while Siwon was trying to be protective explaining that he sings more). I miss them on Korean variety shows. I fear they won't be on them for quite some time =(
..and am I the only one that cried when I saw them eating KFC between tapings? Please eat well =(
one last thing - jojo, you still have to give me an explanation why I remind you of jumyuk, OK???????


I feel so sorry for them.

Me want to eat KFC with them.

OMG i don't like the "sound" of Kyu's "no" and all... Am going to add that in my list if its ok (on me Blog)? I refuse point-blank to look for SJm's to watch cuz, unless i stumble upon it.

Regarding Randall-lookalike... i don't know!!! I was looking at the pic and then... just... i'm sorry Cam (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!