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June 2008

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gone for the weekend

Summers on this side of the world means going out of town or going to the beach. 
Our weekend was spent doing just that. 
It was fun hanging out with the whole family, especially since we were being taken over by kids and the adults get tired trying to keep up with them :)

So on our way we stopped over some interesting food places - one of which served carabao meat and fried pigeon. 
We also had our fill of sweets and pastries, from milk candies called "pastillas" to sticky rice flavored with sugar. 
My favorite would have to be Cold Spoon.

It was yogurt. Really sour, but you can choose add-ons like crushed oreos and butterfinger chunks. YUM. 
..and it was from Korea, which made it all the more wonderful :)

A few more highlights of the trip was the Safari we took the kids to. For 200 pesos, you get to see them feed a dressed chicken to a tiger right outside your jeep. 

Oh yeah. :) I went all National Geographic. 

Forgive the fat ankles (waaaah Kyu!), the crocs underneath were hungry though HAHA

I just had to take this because of Eunhyuk :)

Tour guide tries to exlpain with much difficulty that 2 Korean tourists riding our tram are part of the other group and they should transfer. 
After everyone from my family finds out they're Korean, all eyes are on me. This is it! My shining moment. HAHAHA
So I say, "Sillyehamnida...ummm..errr...Gwong gwong (ahahaha Geng thank you for saving my life) hamkke go sipda? 
Next thing I know we have two new adopted family members, Mr.Choi and Mrs.Park, both of which got my email and promised to take me out when I'm in Seoul. hahahahaha. I should really learn Korean =(

On another note....
Am a little worried about mom, her last check-up wasn't so good so she's taking her old medicines (she had ITP, low platelet count) and has been feeling dizzy the whole day.
We've been through so much more than this and I know she'll get better..just had to write it down to get it off my chest. Hope she feels better tomorrow. :) 


hope your mum gets better<3~
and i'm scared of crocs t-t
AH. I hope your mum gets better ok. : )

ROFL. DON'T tease the monkeys. xDD
That got me all cracked up xD
Is that zoo... Avilon?
Oh yes... Please don't tease the hyukjae's monkeys. LOLL

& I do hope your mom gets better.
Hi! It's the Subic Safari :)It was tiring! Have you ever gone?
Not yet but my cousins' girlfriend have been begging me. LOL.

OMG You're from here!! <3
Yes! :)
You should go! (if you like animals)
I do like animals. <3
& I think my cousins are already planning though. Sometime this summer.

Are you based in Manila?
Yup :) I hear UST a lot from you so I'm guessing you are too :)
Hope your mom's feeling better now!

When i go to the Philippines you bring me there ok? Lols! I love animals XD!~