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June 2008

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a love story

As he was driving me to class, Boni told me how he and his wife met. They married at a very early age. He was 24, she was only 18.
The minute I heard that, the first question that popped in my head was "Is she pregnant?"
Turns out she isn't. They are just in love, he says, which is why they decided to get married even if times were hard.  
It's funny because in between all his insights, he wanted to semi-brag about dating several girls at once...but then he said, when you find someone, no matter how many other people are in the way - girls, parents, friends - you keep coming back to her. 

I'm not one to share any love stories of my own since I don't have any, but sometimes, when the stars seem to have "misaligned", you do have something to tell.

It was Wednesday night, last week. Awkward but nice, we both tried to make interesting conversation amidst the loud singing coming from a party on the second floor. Dessert and coffee was better, though, because we decided to go somewhere more peaceful, as i shoved spoonfuls of ice cream into my mouth (what a turn-off!). Anyway, it wasn't one of those movie-like dates that make you go all serendipitious (if there is a word), but it was nice because he was someone I knew. He was someone that brought good memories. He was Billy to Ally Mcbeal, in a milder sense.  

Now comes the hard part. Waiting...and this has been the story of my life. Not exactly head-over-heels, but it would be nice to hang out with somebody on a constant basis. =) I have never found the courage to initiate things and I am soooooo good at waiting, it hurts. 
After listening to Boni's story I get a text message. He says he has a funny problem. He's going on vacation for a few days and he realizes he doesn't have any warm clothes to pack. I hate analyzing things and I just reply from the top of my head. If it means anything, well then good. If it doesn't, I'm ok with that, too. =)

There are things I want to write about but I can't pen anything down because I'm still confused. It's a different love story on its own. And I am heartbroken, seeing how I want to support them but cannot wholeheartedly. I don't like how this is affecting me more than it should be..and I'm not one to vent out my frustrations so easily because it takes a lot to make me angry. I wish things were better. =(

When did I start getting so EMO??? If only things were easy, I'd get married to a boy like this: 

     .....I'd make him do the dishes, too. =)


I think you're a loveable person and I would love to hang out with you. You should make an effort and try to initiate things, you deserve everything you wish for.
thank you =)I loved hanging out with you, too.